Workers' Compensation FAQs

As an employee, what do I do if I am injured on the job?

Notify your supervisor immediately so your supervisor can call in the report to the Risk Management Unit of the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS). On the job injuries must be reported within 30 days or the claim may be denied. If emergency treatment is necessary, you may go to any hospital emergency room. Be sure to inform the hospital that this is a Workers’ Compensation case so they do not try to bill you under your personal health insurance plan.

Minor injuries that do not require medical attention should not be reported to DOAS.

As a supervisor, who do I call when an employee is injured on the job?

Supervisors should call 1-877-656-7475, and select Option #1. When the representative answers, inform them you are reporting a Workers’ Compensation claim. You will need the injured employee's name, address, SSN, age and sex of the injured employee readily available. Only injuries requiring medical care or lost time from work are to be reported to this number.

How do I know which Physician to go to?

A poster titled Panel of Physicians is required by law to be posted at each work location. DNR has elected to work through AMERISYS, Inc., a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization. Injured employees can call 1-800-900-1582 Option 2 to speak with a case manager who can assist you in obtaining medical care, finding a physician or getting you the appropriate follow-up care.

Where can I get additional information about Workers' Compensation?

You may visit the Human Resources section of the Intranet and click on the Workers' Compensation link and also refer to DNR SOP HR507 Workers' Compensation.