Listed below are documents to assist you with the State Health Benefit Plan administered by the Department of Community Health and the GaBreeze Program (formerly known as the Flexible Benefits Program).

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at (404) 656-7560 to speak with a Benefits Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Information (ACA)

The Department of Community Health which administers the State Health Benefit Plan states that all entities involved in the State Health Benefit Plan may assume that "all options mee the affordability and minimum value requirements of the patient Protection and affordable Care act."  For this reason and others DNR is in compliance with the ACA.  Employees of the DNR Office of Human Resources (OHR) are not qualified to accurately answer any questions regarding this federal program.  Therefore, employees are encouraged to direct their questions regarding the ACA to the federal government website or call 1-800-318-2596.

Total Rewards Brochure  Adobe Acrobat

State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP)

2018 Plan Year Enrollment Information

2018 SHBP Active Employee Decision Guide Adobe Acrobat

2018 SHBP Rates Adobe Acrobat

2018 Sharecare Wellness Program Adobe Acrobat


2018 Benefit Presentation

2018 Annual Enrollment Presentation ​​Adobe Acrobat


Member Presentation Videos

Please click on the link below to view a member presentation from the Health Insurance Provider

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

United Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente 


SHBP Enrollment Portal

Update Password in the SHBP Enrollment Portal Adobe Acrobat

SHBP Enrollment Portal and Call Center Memo (7-22-13) Adobe Acrobat

SHBP Enrollment Portal User Guide - Entire Guide Adobe Acrobat

Click the links below to go to individual sections of the User Guide

How to Register

Forgot Your User ID

Forgot Your Password

Change Your Password

Change/Update Your Security Questions/Answers

Activate Your E-Mail Address

Activate Your Mobile Phone

New Hire Enrollment

Add a Dependent

Drop a Dependent

SHBP Enrollment Portal Quick Reference Guide  Adobe Acrobat

SHBP Enrollment Portal and Call Center Flyer 1  Adobe Acrobat

SHBP Enrollment Portal and Call Center Flyer 2  Adobe Acrobat


GaBreeze Flexible Benefits

2018 GaBreeze Plan Year Enrollment Information

2018 FLEX You Decide Booklet  Adobe Acrobat

2018 FLEX Benefits at a Glance Adobe Acrobat

2018 FLEX Benefits Rate Sheet Adobe Acrobat

2018 Benefit Fairs Adobe Acrobat



SHBP -Website

SHBP Member Services

Wellness - Website

Prescription Drugs - CVS Caremark Website

GaBreeze website

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Social Security Administration

PeachCare for Kids website

Tricare Supplement