Computer/Network Password Manager

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The GETS Password Manager (Curion) self-service tool lets you reset your own computer/network password and unlock your account online, yourself, to minimize user downtime and calls to the Service Desk for end user password resets and lockouts. 

The GETS Password Manager is part of all Windows 7 computers.

To use the GETS Password Manager, you must first register your profile by following the instructions in the Password Manager User Guide. The registration instructions are straightforward and should take only a few minutes of your time.          

Benefits of GETS Password Manager

You won’t have to call the Service Desk to get your computer/network password reset. You can reset your own password at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you register and create a profile, the GETS Password Manager enables you to reset your password or unlock your account – minimizing the need to call the Consolidated Service Desk.  This means you can reset your password or unlock your account right from your own computer with access to the Internet, for any reason, including:

  • Your password is soon to expire (or has already expired).
  • You’ve forgotten your password and need to create a new one.
  • You are locked out of the network due to incorrect password attempts.

To Prepare

Register your profile:

Use this link:

Refer to the Password Manager User Guide (and FAQ at the end of the guide); follow the steps for completing your profile registration.

To Change Your Password or Unlock Your Account

The Password Manager User Guide contains instructions on how to reset your password and unlock your account.  Section 4 of the guide will serve particularly useful as this section covers “Resetting Passwords or Unlocking Accounts.

Note that the guide explains three different methods that can be used to unlock your account.  Windows 7 users can use all three methods.

Important! -- Please bookmark this link and keep a hard copy should the need arise for you or your co-workers to use the GETS Password Manager tool in the future. See the Password Manager User Guide for instructions on how to bookmark this link correctly.

Getting Help

Please call the GETS Consolidated Service Desk at 877-482-3233 for assistance if you cannot access GETS Password Manager through the steps above and in the user guide.