Contracts Rules and Regulations

Follow these guidelines to submit completed contract routing form, with require information for grants and per diem contracts to be process for payment.


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Original Contract with approval signature (1 copy)
  • Contract Routing Form (2 copy)


Contract routing form from DNR Intranet (Budget Unit Page)

  1. Call up Excel File- contractroute.xls
  2. Choose Type of contract from drop down box (determine whether contract will be encumbered or EPI). If the contract is EPI enter the dollar amount on the “Amount of Original Contract” line. In the area for Chart field coding, such as account, organization #, etc., enter EPI in the amount field.
  3. Complete the following on the Contract Routing Form:
    1. Contractor area (include FEI #)
    2. Contract terms
    3. Chart field coding, include program distribution of dollars
    4. Budget Information
    5. Signature, phone #, dates information
    6. NIGP code
  4. Submit original contract with contract routing form (1 copy) to your assigned budget analyst, DNR Budget Office, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., 1266 East Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334.
  5. The DNR Budget Office will then review the contract assign a DNR contract number and forward the package to the Commissioner’s Office for legal review.
  6. After legal office approval, the contract will be returned by the Commissioner’s Office to the budget office.
  7. The budget office will then forward the contract to Accounts Payable, with an extra copy of the contract routing form to be returned to the Contract Administrator with Purchase Order (P. O.) # added.

    Note: If you have made previous arrangements with the Commissioner’s Legal Office or the DNR Budget Office to send your completed contract routing forms directly to Accounting, please continue to do so. These exceptions have normally been given to offices that handle grant programs or other repetitive contracts when the language is unchanged from contract to contract. You will need to read and follow the normal instructions for payment of invoices, unless your invoices for payment go through the Federal Accounts Office. If your contracts go directly to Accounts Payable, please send 2 copies of the contract routing form, so that one can be returned to you showing the assigned P.O. #.
  8. Purchase Order # will be added to the original contract routing form and returned to you by Accounts Payable for tracking payments.

Paying Encumbered Contracts

  1. Submit invoices to Accounts Payable for payment with a cover letter, requesting payment to Contractor’s name in the amount of $XXX.XX giving PeopleSoft P.O. #, DNR Contract #, and Contractor’s invoice #.
  2. Provide the chart field information on the original contract and provide program distribution of payment.
  3. Submit the original and one copy of each invoice. (Do not submit these on a regular voucher.) If a copy of invoice, please certify.

    Monthly expenditure reports, you can identify encumbered amounts by the Purchase Order #. Payments made against the P.O. will also reference the P.O. #. If you see contract payments made against encumbered contracts that do not reference the P.O. #, please contact Accounts Payable, preferable by e-mail to LaShaun Thompson so a correction can be made.

EPI Contracts

  1. The contract routing form with DNR contract # will be returned to you by the DNR Budget Office. This contract # should be used to create an invoice # (with suffix A, B, C, etc.) can be used to research the status of payments through inquiry panels (See Payment Inquiry Section) in PeopleSoft.
  2. Complete regular voucher form, (See Submitting Regular Voucher Form Section) using the DNR contract # in the invoice area. (It is recommended that the invoice # is based on the DNR contract # and a letter is added so, the invoice submitted is a unique number, such as 341-093120-A, etc.) The contractor’s invoice # should be written or typed in the area below the invoice number on the regular voucher form.
  3. Send the regular voucher form, the original and one copy of invoice to Accounts Payable.
  4. Direct any additional correspondence concerning submitting contract routing forms for to Dept. of Natural Resources, Accounts Payable, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Ste., 1266, Atlanta, GA 30334. Phone number (404) 463-0117.