Fleet and Risk Management


Property and Risk Management

Artica Gaston, Administrative Operations Manager
Phone: 404-656-2783


  • GBA work orders
  • Disaster Relief
  • Risk Management Insurance
  • Mailroom

Records Management

Secretary of State's office stopped posting the record retention schedule as a single file, and started including them as drop down box options.

Also, there are two different types of schedules that everyone uses. There are the common schedules that all the state agencies use such as accounting, administration, and budget. They are called common because all state agencies create these particular types of files. Then there are the agency specific schedules. These pertain to files that are specific to a certain agency, types of files that are created only by that agency, such as DNR's EPD, Wildlife, and Parks files.

These are the links to the Secretary of State's site for each: 

Common Schedules - http://sos.ga.gov/index.php/Archives/retention_schedules

DNR Agency Specific Schedules - http://www.georgiaarchives.org/records/agency_specific/

Here the schedules are listed in the drop down box as Natural Resources, Natural Resources EPD, and Natural Resources HPD.

Fleet Management

Jenifer Polk, Purchasing Specialist
Phone: 404-656-1788
Fax: 770-344-4063

Handles:  WEX Card Program, including assigning pins, issuing equipment cards, and helping drivers.


VACANT, Fleet Management
Phone: 404-657-9741
Fax: 770-342-4120

Handles: All Things Fleet - from requesting a new vehicle to surplusing a vehicle. 



Asset Management

David Howell 

Phone: 404-463-0230
Fax: 404-463-6688
Handles asset management of equipment, including decals, physical inventories, transfers, and surplus property.