Fleet FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How do I dispose of old tags/license plates?  Return the tag to the issuing county tag office.  Also, the license plate can ONLY be used by the Department of Natural Resources, so if you give the vehicle to another agency, return the tag to the issuing county tag office.
  • How much do I pay to register a new vehicle?  As per O.C.G.A. § 40-2-37, $3.
  • Can the State pay for a Peach Pass for a state vehicle to save employee travel time, etc. with management approval? Assigned vehicles? Can we use the P-Card?  per Rebecca Sullivan, Asst Commissioner and General Counsel for DOAS.  "I do believe that some agencies use the Peach Pass for agency vehicles.  I would think that there should not be a problem."  "You could not allow this if the vehicle is assigned to a specific individual (in other words, can't be used for personal use such as commuting.)" "The state does not allow use of the p-card for this expense but it is my understanding that SRTA may be able to setup a direct bill to the agency.  You can reach out to them directly to discuss billing arrangements."
  • Can you buy a 15 passenger van? Lease? Rent?  Yes. Yes. Yes, Busmax holds the State of Georgia Bus Rental Convenience Contract.
  • Does the rule about using a state vehicle for secondary employment apply to officers of the law?  The only 2 agencies exempt from these rules are DPS and GBI.  The Office of the Inspector General wants the message to be very clear that the Georgia Fleet Manual prohibits use of state vehicles unrelated to state business.  Additionally, the Rules of the State Personnel Board prohibits the use of state vehicles or equipment in furtherance of outside employment.  The state will not cover the damages to any vehicle, property or bodily injury should an employee fail to abide by the policy.

ARI Maintenance Questions

  • What do I do with the maintenance packet when a vehicle is transferred internally?  The original site should destroy the packet and the gaining site, should request a new packet with their "Agency" code.
  • Suppliers with no activity within 180 days will NOT appear in ARI Insights when doing "vendor locator."
  • When I have a billing issue, who do I contact?  ARILaunch@arifleet.comEmail ARI the Invoice Number and as many details as you can give them.
  • It takes more than 6 months for the vehicles on my site to reach the mileage for an oil change (3000, 5000, or 7500), however, I am supposed to have a maintenace transaction every 6 months.  What do I do?  Read the maintenance coupon again, it is mileage OR 6 months.  Oil gets contaminated with fuel, so it is not recommended to exceed changing the oil every 6 months.

Fuel Card (WEX) Questions

  • Why is my driver id not working?  Every October/November DOAS deactivates driver ids/PINs not used in over 12 months.  Please check the monthly active list if it has been a while since you have driven a state vehicle.  If you are not on the list, review Admin SOP #033 and email Attachments 6 and 8 to the person listed on the form.