The information below is to be used for employees separating from state government employment.  A link to the DNR Exit Questionnaire is provided for full-time employees who voluntarily separate to click on and complete. The Separation Checklist is to be used by Personnel Representatives to identify and complete tasks associated with an employee separation. The Employee Separation Information Sheet is to be given to employees that are separating from state government employment. There is also additional separation and retirement information provided. 

Click here for the DNR Exit Questionnaire - To be completed by full-time employees who are voluntarily separating from DNR employment)

Click here for the DNR Exit Questionnaire Reporting Tool - (Password protected site - only for use by designated administrators)

Note:  The Employee Retirement System has will no longer provide paper refund applications.  Employees who want a refund of their contributions must go on line at and click on the Request a Refund section.