DNR Security Awareness Video

All employees are required to view this video.

Keeping information on your state-issued computer and state networks secure is very important. The Security Awareness Video is designed to make employees aware of this issue and to provide guidance regarding keeping information secure.

Click here to log on and view the DNR Security Awareness video.

Information Security Awareness Memo.

DNR Customer Service Training Video

All newly hired employees are required to view this video.

Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers wants and needs. Excellent customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customers expectations. Therefore, if DNR is going to consistently exceed our customers expectations, we have to recognize that every aspect of our agency has an impact on customer service. Improving customer service involves making a commitment to learning what our customers needs and wants are, and developing action plans that implement customer friendly processes.

NOTE: This online course may not complete your customer service training. Please consult with your supervisor regarding your division policy regarding customer service training.

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Sexual Harassment Video

All newly hired employees are required to view this video.

Upon hire, all DNR Full-time and Part-time employees and Interns are required to view a sexual harassment training video and sign the Sexual Harassment Training Video Acknowledgement Statement indicating that they have viewed the video. There are two videos, an Employee version and a Manager/Supervisor version. If you have employees reporting to you,please watch the Manager/Supervisor version.

Instructions for accessing and logging on the system are provided in the Sexual Harassment Training Video Acknowledgement Statement below:

Sexual Harassment Acknowledgement Statement

Employee Self Service (ESS) / Manager Self Service(MSS) Training

Although optional all new employees should take the on-line training offered for Employee Self Service and new supervisors / managers should take the on-line training offered for the Manager Self Service. Both of these on-line training courses are offered through the State Accounting Office.

Prior to taking either of these on-line training courses, employees must view a PowerPoint presentation about the ESS and MSS Training Courses. Information in this presentation informs employees on how to use the features offered in the ESS and MSS Training Course.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.

After viewing the PowerPoint presentation, employees can then take the applicable training course.

Click here to take the Employee Self Service Training Course.

Click here to take the Manager Self Service Training Course.

Note:  The ESS and MSS training above contains general information regarding performance management.  Click here for specific information regarding DNR manager and employee performance management responsibilities .


Click here to access the Performance Management Section of the DNR intranet for instructions on how to access training regarding performance management as well as use of TeamWorks ePerformance. 


Employees who have been granted access to PeopleSoft HCM for the purposes of performing HR administrative duties such as leavekeeping must access the intranet at the following link and review the Leave Program Guide.


Select employees from each Division have been granted access to process electronic employment verification through E-Verify. These employees are responsible for processing employment verification for new hires effective February 1, 2015. The following audio presentations can be reviewed as necessary to assist in this process:

Please follow these instructions when viewing the following presentations:

  1. Ensure speakers are turned on
  2. Click on the presentation below that you want to review
  3. Once you click on the presentation, a box will appear, Click OPEN
  4. When the presentation loads and opens, click on the tab titled Slide Show
  5. Click on the tab titled From Beginning

Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification & E-Verify Information

E-Verify Training - List A Documents Used

E-Verify Training - List B & List C Documents Used 

SSA TNC Results

If you receive a SSA TNC Result when verifying employment eligibility through E-Verify and need detailed instructions on what to do next, please click here.

Bomb Threat Situation: What to Do

Bomb threats are rare, but should always be taken seriously. How quickly and safely you react to a bomb threat could save lives, including your own.

Click here to view the Bomb Threat Training Video.

Bomb Threat Procedures and Checklist

DHS-DOJ Bomb Threat Guidance Brochure

Reference: U.S. Department of Homeland Security

RUN.HIDE.FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event Video

Do you know what to do in the event of an active shooter? The "RUN.HIDE.FIGHT." video* provides the information you need to survive an active shooter event.

GEMA-HS Active Shooter Flyer  

Click here to view the Run, Hide, Fight video.

Reference: * - Ready Houston website (