Avoiding A Disaster If Your Computer Gets Replaced

DNR has had too many incidents where a Dell technician showed up for a refresh -- to  replace an end user's computer -- unannounced and unscheduled, with the end user not present.

In many cases, not only did the Dell technician NOT transfer critical and essential files, in one case an end user lost years of history and research. The Dell technician wiped the hard drive clean without allowing the end user a chance to make sure that all of the files were transferred to the new computer. In fact, the technician did all this work without the end user being there.

DNR made its position clear to Dell -- early in 2011 -- on these two points:

(1) Absolutely no refreshes were to take place unless the technician first called the end user to schedule date and time convenient when the end user could be present, and

(2) No refreshes were to take place if the end user could not be present personally to ensure all files were transferred to the new machine.

To that end, if a technician shows up at your locationunscheduled and unannounced, to do work on any end user's computer (especially a refresh), do not let the technician do any work on the computer.

Instead, politely request that the technician contact the end user and schedule date and time convenient to the end user for the technician to return to accomplish the work.

Under no circumstances should a technician be allowed to do any work on any end user's computer without that end user present.