Getting a new computer? Don't let this happen ....

The Need-To-Know Summary:

If your computer will be replaced under refresh, you need to ensure the Dell technician schedules an appointment time -- convenient to you -- so you can be in the office and make certain that your new computer has all the functionality, documents, files, and other things important and necessary before you sign off on the install as complete and to your satisfaction.

The Details:

Your DNR IT Customer Care Team has received a couple of reports where our DNR Associates did not get an advance call from Dell technicians to schedule an appointment -- at the convenience of the DNR end user (and only the DNR end user, not Dell) -- for a computer replacement under refresh.

This has resulted in at least one case of where the DNR Associate had their computer -- an encrypted laptop -- replaced while the DNR Associate was not in the office.

The Dell technician did not transfer any files to the new machine.

The DNR Associate was not at the office to conduct an acceptance check and test while the Dell technician stood by to make sure the new computer had the same functionality and files of the old one.

The Dell technician wiped the old encrypted laptop's hard drive clean according to procedure -- thus destroying all data that was on it -- and left the premises without getting a sign-off from anyone.

The result?

The DNR Associate now has a new but unusable laptop computer, with encrypted backup files stored on an external hard drive that cannot be accessed with the new laptop.

Can this be salvaged? We do not yet know. However, Dell will have to find a solution.

DNR and Dell agreed in August, before refresh started in September, that Dell was to have field technicians call well in advance and schedule all appointments for all computer refreshes, and schedule such appointments at a time convenient to the DNR Associate.

If you have a Dell technician show up unexpectedly to replace a computer under refresh, and you cannot be there for the entire time, please have the technician return at a date and time convenient to you so you can be there to ensure the work is done to your complete satisfaction. Thank you.