Changing Your Outlook Password

You now have to use the Web-based Outlook to change your Outlook password.

With the changeover to cloud-based Outlook O365, your Outlook password is no longer connected with your computer/network password. So when you change your computer/network password, that no longer changes your Outlook password. You have to change your Outlook password separately.

You also cannot change your Outlook password using the Outlook application on your desktop.

To change your Outlook password, go to ; in the box that displays on the right-hand side of the screen, you should see this:

 Outlook sign-in screen

Under the “Do you know your Office 365 password, but need to change it?” click the “here” in blue. That will display this screen:

 Password management screen

Enter your User Name as, and enter your existing password and desired new password, then click the Create button.

Important! There are actually several URLs you can use to get to the Web Outlook. All of these take you to exactly the same site. The first one is just shorter and easier to remember: