Tired of Spam? -- The Correct Way To Fight It

The Need-to-Know Summary

Forwarding spam to or copying it to anyone in DNR is prohibited. No one in DNR "handles" spam. Forward all spam -- as an attachment -- only to junk@office365.microsoft.com.  

The Details

When you receive spam, take these steps:

1. In Outlook, open a new blank e-mail

2. In the To: field, enter junk@office365.microsoft.com as the sole recipient (you may want to add that address to your contacts). Forwarding spam to or copying it to anyone in DNR is prohibitedNo one in DNR "handles" spam.

3. From your In Boxdrag the spam into the new blank e-mail you just created. That attaches the spam e-mail to the new blank e-mail you just created.

4. Click the Send button to forward to the Microsoft Spam Team for action.

5. Then drag the spam e-mail to your Junk E-mail folder. As odd as this may sound, I've been told that doing so will "train" Outlook to junk any subsequent e-mails from that spammer.