Texting With Your DNR-Issued Device

The Need-to-Know Summary:

Since your DNR-issued device (such as cell phone) is a state-owned deviceany communication made with it for whatever reason is completely discoverable under the Georgia Open Records Act (GORA).

The Details:

We've received a couple of inquiries as to whether users of DNR-issued devices are able to or permitted to send and receive text messages.

The short answer is, "Yes ... but ...."

 Since your device is state-owned, any communication made with it for whatever reason is completely discoverable under the Georgia Open Records Act (GORA).

I sometimes send and receive texts from DNR associates. I also do not text anyone outside state government using my stare-issued cell phone. (That's why I have a personal cell phone.)

So, yes, you can send and receive texts. Just make sure they are either (1) for DNR or state business, or (2) something you would not mind being posted on every billboard up and down I-75, I-85, and I-20.