Position Action Requests

This section of the HR Intranet (Personnel / Position Action Requests) was designed to provide information for the completion of Personnel / Position Action Request Forms (PAR). A Personnel / Position action request is a request for a change to personnel data and/or a change in the status of an employee / applicant (e.g. promotion, demotion, hire, salary increase, data change, transfer, termination, etc.) Agency managers may make a Personnel / Position Action Request by completing the PAR Form located below and forwarding it for required signatures.  The reference documents and information below may be used to gather information to accurately complete the PAR Form.

Personnel / Position Action Requests must include the following:

  • A Position Information Form (Only if the PAR involves a position action requiring a position change (those personnel actions with a 'POS' action code)
  • A justification/rationale regarding the need for the requested personnel action. For example, for a job change (reallocation) of a position describes the rationale for the request to change the job title of the position (ie, reorganization, change in duties, etc.).
  • description of duties. (Only if requesting a change affecting the job title or pay grade.) Provide a document describing each duty of the position. State job descriptions, and/or performance plan responsibilities of a similar position may be used to develop the description of duties however a generic Department of Administrative Services - Human Resources Administration (DOAS - HRA) job description will not be accepted for this purpose.  This information will be used to determine the appropriate job title.  This information will also be used to determine the appropriate FLSA code for the position.  Please note that in order for the position to be considered for designation as exempt the following information must be included:  1. What is the primary duty of the position? 2. Does the position require discretion and independent judgment in matters of significance and provide examples.  3. Is the employee's primary duty the performance of work requiring advanced knowledge, defined as work which is predominantly intellectual in character (provide examples).  Additional information may be requested. 
  • An organizational chart reflecting the relationship of positions in the unit that includes the position for which the request has been made. (See sample organization chart and instructions at the bottom of this page.) Two organization charts must be submitted; the current organization chart reflecting the current status of the organization before the changes requested on the personnel action and an organization chart that reflects organizational information as it would be after the requested personnel action is processed. ('before' and 'after' org. charts) Organization charts must reflect the hierarchy of the organizational unit, and must contain the current revision date, employee names, job titles, position numbers, and pay grades. Note: Do not fill in the boxes with a colored background as this often makes copies of the charts illegible.
  • A completed Employment Application (if the request will require an assessment of the applicant/employee qualifications.)
  • A signed Acknowledgement Statement - Employee Moving From a Classified to an Unclassified Position is required only if the personnel action results in the employee moving from a classified position to an unclassified position. The Acknowledgement Statement is located in the Forms and Instructions section below.

Forms and Instructions

Personnel / Position Action Request (PAR) Form downloadable Microsoft Word document

PAR Instructions downloadable PDF file

Position Information Form (PIF) downloadable Microsoft Word document

Acknowledgement Statement - Employee Moving From a Classified to an Unclassified Position  downloadable PDF file

PAR Reference documents

2021 PAR Processing Schedule downloadable PDF file

HR Rep. Guidance Regarding Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators  downloadable PDF file

FMCSA Clearinghouse memo downloadable PDF file

County Code List downloadable PDF file

Mail Drop ID list downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Department Number List downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Salaried Job Code Reference Document downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

Hourly Job Code Reference Document downloadable PDF file

Statewide Pay Scale downloadable PDF file

Law Enforcement Pay Scale downloadable PDF file

Action / Reason Quick Reference downloadable PDF file

Action / Reason Code Manual downloadable PDF file

Organization Chart Information

Organization Chart Instructions downloadable PDF file