Wildlife Resources Division Policies & Procedures

Last updated: 7/6/2021

WRD-A-001: Abandoned Property on WRD Lands downloadable PDF file

WRD-B-001: Handling Human and Bear Conflicts downloadable PDF file

WRD-C-001: Volunteer Chaplain Policy downloadable PDF file

WRD-C-002: Conservation Tax Credit Program downloadable PDF file

WRD-D-001: Deer Control Permits downloadable PDF file

WRD-D-002: Director's Office Procedures downloadable PDF file

WRD-F-001: Prescribed Fire downloadable PDF file

WRD-F-002: Forest Management on State-Owned Lands downloadable PDF file

WRD-F-003: Firewood Collection Permit downloadable PDF file

WRD-G-001: Georgia Open Records Act Request Fulfillment downloadable PDF file

WRD-G-002: Nuisance Goose Control Permit Policy downloadable PDF file

WRD-G-003: Geocaching downloadable PDF file

WRD-H-001: Control of Feral Hogs on Wildlife Resources Division Lands downloadable PDF file

WRD-L-001: Habitat Management Planning for State-Owned Lands Managed by the Wildlife Resources Division downloadable PDF file

WRD-P-001: Pesticide Application Notification downloadable PDF file

WRD-Q-001: Quail Translocation downloadable PDF file

WRD-Q-002: Quality Deer County Management Regulations downloadable PDF file

WRD-R-001: Right of Entry—Use of Division Properties downloadable PDF file

WRD-R-002: Right of Entry—Timber Extraction Utilizing WMA Roads downloadable PDF file

WRD-R-003: Roads on WRD Lands downloadable PDF file

WRD-S-001: Workplace Safety downloadable PDF file

WRD-S-002: Secondary Employment downloadable PDF file

WRD-S-003: Stream Buffer Variance Request Recommendations downloadable PDF file

WRD-S-004: Secure Storage of Firearms and Dart Guns downloadable PDF file

WRD-T-002: Trout Stream Classification downloadable PDF file

WRD-U-001: Uniforms, Uniform Logos and Standards of Dress downloadable PDF file

WRD-V-001: Volunteer Policy downloadable PDF file